Isnin, 1 Disember 2014

Our First Movie Together.

Assalamualaikum. And Salam Sejahtera. I'm beginning this entry by saying that 'I absolutely love him'. And with that being said, this entry is the connection from the previous entry below. I met Ejat over Facebook. Long time ago. We first had our conversation on Facebook and things were kinda fucked up along the way during the pasts and we lost contact each other and I never heard of him ever since. Sometimes, I did text him. A call. But it weren't like the proper type of calls I had with anyone. And he knows I liked him long ago. My feelings never changed. They are still fresh and it blossoms everytime. If I hadn't make a move, to call him, text him in the first place long ago, I don't know what the hell am I gonna do with this feeling. I held it for so long and somehow we met again over the internet. It was on one social network. Planetromeo. So from that moment, we clapped eyes with each other again and ever since that happened, I have been the happiest person in the world. Look what you have to me Ejat. I fell in love with him at just one glance to his profile picture. P/S, he is a good looking man. No doubt. So, what makes me happy is that, he felt so happy that we met again. Never ever in his life, he has been this happy. I felt happiness too the second I heard his voice on the phone. It was beautiful. Well, to be honest, I did swoon. Blushing so much. 

So, from the previous entry, I stated that we had out first  meet at KL Sentral and things went great  that day. Literally, happiest I've ever had. He looked happy to meet me. No wonder, he was so shy before we meet. Well, shy is a good thing people. You will end up happy with anyone you have feelings or emotions at. I felt that too. From his look, I could tell, he was so shy by my side  And we walked into NU Sentral Mall cause I was basically on that day, supposed to find a job. That was what I asked him for. And the walk felt good. I looked at him first and asked him 'Dah makan', 'Kenapa tipu I tadi. Kata dah sampai lama', 'You jahat' and he just smiled big. And goodness, his smile. I even got butterflies in my stomach just to see he smiles. He stuttered. Shy and innocent. We went up the highest level just to atleast make the survey smooth. From up and all the way down. That is how I do whenever I go out shopping or anything. Hm-hm, he went along great. No excuses. We talked about many things. I did catch him looked at me sometimes. Starry looks. Best thing is, he didn't feel shy at all whenever I said something about us. You know, I always joke about marriage. He always laughs when I talk about the topic. From the moment I talked about 'How would our marriage look like', 'What theme it would be', 'Do you wanna have children or not', I started to call him sayang. In public. At first, he got all happy and easy about it. Loving everytime he smiles when I call him that. He just smiles and of course, I feel happy to call him that. Its just my thing. So, we walked through the whole mall. It was super crowded. Parade of humans. Hunger of freedom to shop. Since it is a new mall. Along the way, I have asked in for vacancies. Few retail stores. And when it all got done, I asked to go to Empire in Subang Jaya. 

The walk to the ticket counter from the escelator down to the below level was smooth. I grabbed him by his neck. Smoothly just play with his hair. He didn't glance away from it. Matter of fact, I did hug him. Just kinda lean it towards him and held his waist from the back. Held him tight and he didn't give me a bad response. No pushing away. Well, I supposed that worked out well. Got to the counter station. At first, we saw the que was too long so we decided to go straight to the vending machine. I slipped in my two fingers into my pocket and took out a piece of RM 10. The total amount of the tickets  was nearly RM 6 or so. A ticket was RM 2.80 if I'm not mistaken. ( I forgot ). So, I looked at the screen, RM 10 wasn't availabe for the purchase cause the amount was not accessable for it. So, he took out his wallet without any thoughts and tried to slip in the amount. A ringgit by ringgit at a time. It didn't work out. Tried many times. We even laughed together at that time. So we ended lining up to the counter ticket. After finishing with the ticketing, we went out to the platfrom. To Pelabuhan Klang. We searched for sits, but as I mentioned, that day was so crowded. Each platfrom was crowded with people coming and going. Our platform was fairly the same. It was weekends and what to expect right? As we got to the platform, he stood still for a moment. Checking his phone and everything. I was quite away from him. He was standing right infront the big fan. I was sweating. Not that  much. Just a dripping little sweats. Then, he talked out "I laparlah". I smiled and was like "Nak makan apa lepas ni" - "Um, entahlah" - "I nak makan roti canai lah" - "Roti canai? Haaa, pagi je ada roti canai" - "You makanlah roti canai. I nak makan lain" ( That was the  conversation. I didn't exactly remember the exact words )
The train arrived, we sat on the horizental sits where just two people are supposed to sit. Near the windows. We sat on the left sides of the train. He sat on my left side by the window. The two of us just kinda talked along the way. I let him to hear some of my favorite songs. One specifically that I gave him 'Boys 2 Men - End Of The Road' but the noise of the train was too loud, we couldn't hear it clearly. But I kept it playing. 

We arrived at Subang Jaya station. Walked out off the station and made our way to Subang Parade. He wanted to eat. At that time all I thought was movie. I wanted to watch movie. Just at that right moment 'Hunger Games; MockingJay Part I' is out so I supposed I had to ask him then since that was the only clear and right moment to do that. He didn't know anything. I braved myself to go for it. Right after the entered Subang Parade, we walked for a bit. Stroll around the mall. A lot of people too. There were some exercise thingy. A bunch of people dancing accordingly following the person on a stage stretching and moving to the music. It was quite a show. During that time, I still hadn't ask him about the movie. He looked super hungry. We went down to the lowest level. The food court. He still hadn't make any choice where to eat. What to eat. I did come up with some suggestions. Mamak for instance. I bet he needed to eat something heavy. Rice or something. I saw Chicken Rice Shop, asked him, and he said okay then we ate there. I still hadn't ask him about the movie. At CRS, I kept asking him about how he felt about me. How he felt about my feeling towards him. You know, a lot happened at that time. ( I personally, don't have to tell that part ) So, after finished, we walked.  I wanted to ask him but I was just fucking scared. So, purposely, I walked to the movie theater. Just atleast to give him a headstart. A though. An idea. I asked him then 'Tengok movie nak? - 'Nak tengok ke?' - 'Jomlah'. He was in dilemma at first. I didn't expect any good or bad response. Just a movie. Lol. So, he was like 'Okay jomlah' - 'Okay jom' . We got to the screening. I absolutely went 'Hunger Games!!!!!!!' - 'Pukul berapa you?' . The movies started at 3.10 pm. At that time the clock ticked 2.00 pm. An hour free. 

So, the rest of the day went along great. Movie was great. What we did in the movie was great. What we didn't do in the movie was great. Lol. The day passed by so fast. I couldn't tell you all more. I will update it in the next entry. Thank you :) 

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