Jumaat, 19 Disember 2014

You Hurt Me. I Don't Like It So Much.

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera. Well, I know it has been quite a long wait for yall. Well, I waited myself to write more. Now, I sort of have gotten the 'writing' back. The 'ideas' back so to say. Before I gallop off to the sense and sensibility that is, my pile of positivities, energatic passion, and once for all, my enganges towards the very 'wet' part of my life, love life and love life. Yeah, I said it twice. It is a big deal. Love life. Doesn't it fascinates you that everytime I write, love always pops out into every entries. You know, this morning, around 6 am, I was listening to some of Birdy songs; 'People Help The People', '1901', 'Wings', 'Standing In The Way Of The Light' and many more and I sort of felt like the songs were speaking to me. I know, it's spooky. It was what I felt during the emotional encounter that happened between my soul and her lovely voice. Just keeps playing in my ears. Her notes are really smooth. The vibratos in between every lines, end perfectly to her singing. Through Birdy, the normal heart of me, beats faster. I can imagine the only beautiful voice to be heard, to be recognized by the people, yet she has that voice. Her voice is instrumental. Enough said, well, yall know that 'guy' whom I talked about over and over again in my two entries? Yeah, turns out, he is a sucker! Son of a bitch. A low life brat who constantly neglecting every good thing I do to him, I sacrifice for him. A misfit, whose fucked up life is a never-ending. So, that sums it up I guess? Yall know what I mean by the short elaboration of random swear sentences just now. I hate that guy. He is prolly the worst nighmare of all nighmares I ever had. Looking back at how horrid this has been, I solemnly swear that it would be a great pleasure yet again, for my own self relieves, to act upon this horrible situation, forget everything. Forget that little prick. Eventually, this is not the end of the world. This is not the end of my dream of having a perfect love life. Yes I crave. Yes I need it. Everyone does. To me, this incident is another stone step for me to excell my trust issue and to dream less when there is more much to expect. Anyways, enough silliness, I hate you bitch :)

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