Sabtu, 22 November 2014

You Made Me A Different Person Sayang.

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera. Well, it has been done. What I scared the most, has happened. Remember when I mentioned in the earlier entries that I will not have any love relationship cause I hate on commitment that I will be so far away from having someone special in particular? Well, yesterday ( 22/11/2104 ) was the day that I have legit made that statement, as so false. I met someone :) Someone I adored for all these past years. Well, yesterday was also the day we actually first met. Ever. I mean properly. Generally speaking, I swore not to have a relationship. I made that rule to myself. Never to break it. Well, people say, "Sometimes, it's good to break the rules". I did it. With him, I felt to much different. Different than anyone else I ever been with. First of all, he made me a different person. You know the smallest simplest thing. Actually he was the one I waited for so long to meet or if could, to love. Cause he is so kind. And the way he looks at me. And then he smile away from me. Glance away from my face. Candybling. 

Actually, I texted him around 5 am that day, asking if possible he could accompany me to find a job. I insisted him to come with me and also I took a chance on him to meet him. Well, it was clearly what I wanted to do right? Finding a job as well as meeting him properly for the first time. Clearly I planned that. Lol. And he said yes. I didn't exactly expect that from him. Cause I thought he was going to turn me down. The request I asked him, was quite forcing. Especially, around 5 am in the morning. I was awake that time. Well, it was the obvious step to take right? Ask him during his sleep. When he agreed to come, I just smiled so big, it reached to my ears. So big. Wish I hadn't being so excited. Cause literally, everything was so good after that. We talked through. And yeah, I said to meet at KL Sentral cause it is easier. Plus, we could stop by NU Sentral mall to find a job cause the mall has just opened for few months and hopefully I could ask for any job there. And there we go, I was getting ready and he texted me that he already on his way to KL Sentral. At that time it was so quick. The clock ticked, 11.30 pm. We supposed to me around 12 pm. I set that time so, basically, I was supposed to be there first and there was I, half-naked in my room, listening to Beyonce's ' I Miss You'. I didn't know that he got out that fast. KTM station Kg. Batu was just 500m from my house. Technically, I thought, I was gonna make it on time. But I didn't think so. It was not reachable to that. In my mind, he will get mad. Cause, maybe he doesn't like waiting. Maybe he wants our first meet to be proper. I thought that too so well. I rushed to judgement. Grabbed everything in my sight. Put in my bag and I off to KTM station. The clocked ticked 11.45 am. More nervous. He texted me earlier, that we just arrived. Well, fuck it. I'm screwed. He will wait for atleast 20 minutes. I was so nervouse, I walked so fast to the station. "Please don't let this screw me up"  I prayed to God so many times. Just to atleast, give him patience to wait for me. As soon as arrived at the station, I looked at the clock,  the next train arrives in 15 minutes or so. Well, I texted him right away telling him that I just got in the train. No response. Please don't  get at me. Please. 10 minutes after I got in the train, arriving to the next station, Putra. I got a text from him. He said, he couldn't wait any longer, he wanted to go back. I was literally, going to cry. I beg him to stay and wait for me for 10 minutes. The train continued. I was cursing, please move faster you piece of junk. Slow shit. The train arrived at Kuala Lumpur. The next thing I know, was please let this train move now. He texted me, 'It has been an hour. I waited for you. You said 12 pm. And now, it's already 1 pm'. I told him that the train is so slow and please wait for me. And he was like "Actually I just arrived" OMG. Literally, I was so relieved. He fooled me. Lol. Thank god this didn't turn up wrong. 

And....... yeah. we met. Yeyyyyyy! I was nervous. I won't lie. He looked at me. I looked at him. It was milisecond quick. Then, we shooked hands. No hug. Then we spent our day properly. I will tell you about what happened the rest of the day, in the next entry. 

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