Jumaat, 26 Disember 2014

Au Revoir 2014.

Assalamualaikum and  Salam Sejahtera. Well, guys this is the last entry for 2014. I know, I haven't written anything much this year. There are only few of them that I wrote and it all mostly about my fucked up love life and that are quite selfish. That's the word I guess. I knew that the minute I decided to write back, I should have shared every hardship, constant battles I went through, the lies I did and I faced up and all the life's greatest obstacle in which in some parts I managed to pretend like it never happened. Loosing the memory off this year, gonna be hard. It goes the same on he previous years. I know I should have written more. Time changes rapidly and the only thing that seperates my writing and everything is the future I can't foresee. All the rest of my valid, oblivious, ready-to-achieve goals have been succeded. As to what I know, this is the only year that I feel like I did nothing. Literally, I feel like throughout this 365 days, the only things I do are watching loads of movie, loads of tv shows, listen to loads of music, loads of people's life complaints, reading loads of books, witnessing loads of trust issue of people, making sure loneliness strikes me every middle midnight, eating loads of healthy foods, jogging as much as I can, crying the living shit out of me everytime I watch Mariah Carey's performance during her leagues years, remembering every One Direction's lyrics to their every song off their '4' album, going out with friends and new friends, a complete stranger I know in Tagged, or PlanetRomeo  or Grindr to town and getting to know each other's shitty life story that I  personally don't like to do with a stranger but I did it anyway due to affirmative boredom strike, watching back my stupidly annoying lip-syncing videos which I recorded in my Tab that I have posted all of them on Youtube so that everyone can see the stupid, annoying, horrid side of myself, sharing every little realization with my writing which hypocritically I wrote in my blog so that everyone reads it and feels like they should punch me  in the face for keep telling my fucked up love story, recklessly refusing every wedding invitation from anyone, hating on and on at how Emma Thompson didn't get nominated at the Academy Awards for her brilliant performance in Saving Mr. Banks, rewatching back the Golden Globes, Oscar, SAG Awards, Emmy Awards, VMAs, Billboard Music Awards, EMAs, AMAs. You see? I don't really do nothing this year. Except the parts of how which I constantly bragging about how marvellous Meryl Streep in 'August: Osage County', of  Chiwetel Ejiofor's mind-blowing performance in '12 Years A Slave'. 

You know, I have just confirmed that I'll be working next year. Hahaha. Yes yes yes. What a new year resolution that is right? I'm mocking my ownself just to say that sentence. Telling my friends and my family about it is another joke they laugh hilariously at and that  for me, is indeed very therapeutic. Motivational, basically speaking. It is the oppurtunity, which I often talk about amongst my friends. Supportive as they can be, I still find it very hard to get a job. So, I'm determined to really get a job. Enough said. I remember last year, we were all together as family celebrating  new year's ever at Kuala Lumpur. It was the day I couldn't forget for the rest of my life. Although, I must say, 2010-2013, were the greatest years of the celebrating new year. Those were the best days that all of our friends were together. Friends from every corner of Kuala Lumpur. Some too, were from outside of Kuala Lumpur coming down to Kuala Lumpur just to celebrate together. Friends from Ampang, Taman Melati, Sentul,  Cheras, Bangsar, Gombak, Selayang, Batu Caves, Kg. Baru, Jalan Ipoh and many more. I remember my closest group of friends, from Pantai Dalam. They had the most joyest laugh and whenever we hang out, meet together, we make jokes out of nothing and fucking laugh until of us shed  tears down the cheeks. That was some magnificent memories we ever had. And for me, I personally think, that can't be top at all from any of the present event of celebration I have. Those days, I had to be presumptuous that I were to make memorable memories with my friends at everything we do, I just had to expect more. Sometimes, I expect too much, I tend to hide the things I though were unimaginatively good to be turned out to. Whenever we all gathered together,  they will be laughter, joyest smile, fight at the scene, making out in the public to the couples, running around like a maniac with bags hanging at the back and unfinished ciggarette dangling at the lips, and mostly, dirty talk war. Oh yes we did. We still do it. Just when everyone gets to calm down, there will be, surely, one dirty potty mouth, popping out words and will trigger a dirty talk war. Curses all over everyone. I loved  it! I loved dirty talk war. We cursed  everyone around. Just our friends, not to strangers. If  we did, it had to be the stupidest thing anyone could think of to do. Then, after the curses were done, we sat down at the bench at Pavillion. Watching the 'scenery' at which we all talked about the lingering, littering people at there. The very own new curses sometimes  were invented. We had had hardness to went through this habit. To overcome it. Never doing it  for once but it is in our blood. This is us. We are being us. We were spectacular it. That, I missed the most. Every little things we did as friends, waiting for the clock to tick right at 8 pm and we off to KLCC. Our place of celebration. The birth of new joy and new sentiment of fighting in scene. Lol. We didn't fight, but if one of us were threaten by any other member of other group, we  stood together and just fight. But, for the past 4 years of celebrating new years eve at KLCC, we hadn't encountered ourselves into a fight. We all were malevolent to all types of people. You know, locals, non-locals. KLCC is the only place that is basically gets bombarded by all types of people. Forgive me for saying this, but I don't enjoy it at all. Well, I just have to get used to don't I? There are non-Malaysian dancing around, the smelt of left diapers, the air is just sucked out of the atmosphere  and finally, I realize I suck in the not so very air kind of air. It is more like a sledghammer, hammering my fucking throat. Just sucks! Don't get me wrong here, I do enjoy having loads of different type of people in one crowded airless place, but the other half of those different type of people that are smelt of oil palm tree. Stinks man. Nevermind, I'll manage with that. It had been the sickest way of relieve for most of us, friends, to let ourselves up to the point which 'This is new year's eve. We don't care what we see, hear or smell, this is a celebration. And we fucking celebrate'. Suchaaaaaaaaaaaaa motto right? I can say that, I miss my friends. Whenever they are, they are all my friends. Though it is hard for me sometimes to spend time with them or how sometimes I just monologue myself alone in my room and thinking about the memories we all once had and shared. Spread the love Zack. Live the excitement. 

We all have been staying as connected as we can for this upcoming new year's eve celebration. Hm-hm, calling everyone. Being nice with old nemesis. Staying positive as possible at the horrible recent event occuring right now. Massive flood. All over east coast of Semenanjung Malaysia. Blurgh. I feel sorry for everyone. The victims and the families anywhere they are. So, we all have decided that this year's celebration is going to be KLCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes we all will be there. We all will be making chaos all over the streets of Kuala Lumpur. We all will be dancing and running around with Vans shoes, blonde hair, particularly me with the red hair, we all will be spitting out gums at each other, cursing at each other until the joy of it turns out as suffering and  fighting and yeah we will leave out  footprints on the ground if you fuckers would love to join us. Hopefully that this year will be the biggest celebration of all. I can't wait to meet everyone. Seeing the faces of my old friends and newly friends. Hugging until we can feel the back bones of each other. Kisses and making out too! My greatest gratitude to all the victims of flood. I see you guys in 2015. I love yall  and thank you for being a part of this greatest journey of my life. I want to thank every single one of you for reading my blog. 2014 may not be the best year for my blog but I shall in 2015. Happy New Year Malaysian. Happy holiday everyone. I miss my friends.  Be kind and be safe. Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera Good bye 2014.  

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