Isnin, 9 Februari 2015

Living The Dream

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera. Well, now. Let start  with a conclusion of what had happened for the past a month. To be frank, the reality has repeated itself. The sort that I claim as the luckiest one. Permanently? Or just Temporarily? Question of my own in which I couldn't really answer myself.  The thing is that I don't really expect as such thing to happen. Many of my expectations really overpassed the limits of the suicidal calamity of its core. Framkly, the rest of my expectatios are really non-prohibited to the lawless of my dream. My dreams are validly improving day to day. The days when my dreams are thoughtful to the variety of my collective biased non-dreams. Well, I do really take it for seriously. We all dream the most dreamable and undreamable dreams. Many of us really have dream. The  most excitement is really towards the level  of how we all concentrate in the achievement of the dreams. Since we have the mind and the heart to really achieve our dreams, well we of course have to reckon the possibility of ourselves in limiting and over-limiting the resistance that come in the way. Way to achieve the dream. People, we need to acknowledge that. I have been busy these days. To get what we want. To achieve what we dream. Rarely, I have achieved dreams. Plotting the ways of how dream can really get true. True in a way that we all be in a happy feeling. Now, the first thing first, I acknowledged the full potential in knowing the reality of how hard to get my dream come true. Try me. I have known so much things in life. Not being arrogant, but the knowledge is so biased. Hahahaha. Logically speaking, I have gotten used to the typical dreany type of dreams. It is quite absurd to say it but it is what it is. Potentially, my aim is to really be happy. In all way, shape and forms. Remain to be what I am. What I have now is a collection in which I have worked so hard to get. I had to really be in act. Being myself is so hard. Typically, around my beloved strangers. Strangers can be really pain in the ass. That sort, that always give me painful reaction to the fact that some, could give me cancer. Diving into the hole of hopelessness and lifelessness with being so unfriendly around strangers, is so emotionally harrassing. Indeed, I am really concern of my dreams. Loving every facts of life and experiences of life. Living the dream. Living every part of my dreams. Hardest one, is really non-prohibited for me to get to. Sometimes, I do know that we all could be so crushed. So crush that even myself could be so insufficient to my daily basis lifestyle. I know I could do much more! 

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