Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera. I'm working now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at Parkson NU Sentral. I love it so much! So much. It's fun. Working with a bunch of happy people. Happiest person can really be my cup of tea. The joy of working there, plus waking up early at 8.00 am, plus with the 10 minutes walking ( Approximately ) , from my house to the train station, adds with the sweats dripping down my cheeks, with the longing wait for the KTM train, and just arriving at work and working all the time is so great. Tiring but I allow it. I get to get myself worked up. It has been a year and my bones ached enough. They done enough. To me, this job and working experience have changed me so much. Inside and outside. Alrighty then, enough with the blab. Yall know now that I'm working. Oh yeah, 1st floor, Department of Adidas and Nike. Lol

Starting with the simple words. I LOVE YOU! Hm-hm, I met someone :) Yes. I met someone. Do I have to repeat myself? It's love. A great guy. A wonderful human being. He is Syamil Razlin. Well, not to hang everything down, but the sure thing is we sort of picked up the relationship a bit late. Slow on the move then everything just exuberated. It seems that we didn't have the clue that non of us has feelings for each other. I couldn't have the plenty ideas of what slowed us down. Lol. It started at the tip of my finger. Well, technically my thumb. The fast-moving typing through chit chat on Wechat. We were friends for so long actually but never did text. Occassionally. So, I had to do something. The thing about Syamil is that, the first time I knew him, of course I didn't know that he is what he is now. So, I expressed my feelings. Just to make a move. That first move of bravery and brivety. To see the response he'll give. What I got was surprising. The joy of knowing that he felt the same way as I did to him was fulled. Just take me with you. During the long hours of texts and fights with endless weird words popping out into the conversation, the feeling kinda built up. We shared everything. Well, now the no-no part is when you knew that hesitation and lying isn't the go-go thing. So I avoided that naive thought. It has killed my relationship so bad. I called him 'Amey' as in 'I'. He likes it as in 'E'. I don't care. Lol. Amey makes me happy. He laughs the cutest. He smiles the cutest. Everything he smiles, his flat chin goes back, my stomach flips. Each time he says he loves me, it gives me butterfly. I don't know my life would be pictured without him. I will be devastated if that happened. You see, this thing gives me joy. Work, and love and everything and family and friends. That, all in one is a bowl of happiness. Bowl isn't that big though, I shouldve said a bucket or maybe a luggage. Anything sorts that well :)

We are looking forward to be the happiest and cutest for the next forever. I love you Amey. Please don't leave me. 

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