Khamis, 10 Julai 2014

Ahmad Azrai bin Abdullah.

You know, we never what will happen in the future. We have thoughts of it, but to know what's coming, is one tough act. Take it from a perspective where everything was a beautiful sceenery, apart from having shitty friends, fake smile, horrendous life plans, I would like to be distance from my typical thinking. You know, like when everything I see, I would relate them with something in which by not any means, gonna be the same thing over and over and over again. 
Well, I just realized that  it has been soooooooooooooooooooo long since my last update. The last enrty I wrote was about my experiences during New Year's Eve. Well, that happened. And that happened so much longer ago. I hate to recall. 

Since my blog is a 100% fully written in Bahasa and this is actually my second entry, in which I technically write in  English, I would like to stay to my old style of writing. Is that okay for you guys? Hm, memandangkan aku dah lamaaaaaa tak update blog, kalini, apart from telling stories about this years' new year's eve, or my reenactment of Simon Cowell's criticism which I posted on Instagram, or this year's horrible accidents in Malaysia or maybe anything tacky from our beloved non-stop crisis in Parliament today in which on the other hand is due to the lack of commitment from everbody. So, kalini aku nak cerita sikit pasal hidupppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!! 

Aku taknak cerita panjang panjang, sebab entry kalini aku dah nekad nak buat simple simple je. Sebab this is my first entry of 2014. Like ever! Can you believe that! Hm-hm, aku pun sebenarnya, akan update more entries after this. It is like so to say, "I'm officially back blogging bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Macam tu lah. So, you know, I'v been on my own for many long time. No love. No love pet. No love book. No love music. No love thought. No love call. Everything about love for the past, I don't know, a year ago, I'm the most down-sided, easily turned down human being in the sorta case. Yeah, I'm a shmuck. But, benda tu tak membuatkan aku mengalah. No no no. Aku tak mengalah. Maksud aku, aku taknak mengalah dalam hidup dan cari cinta. 

Several days a go, I met someone over in the internet. Alrighty then, on Instagram. Actually, it was like movement of a finger point. I was checking someone's list of followers and ended up seeing this beautiful profile. It was very instance. My heart told me not to be over-reacted. Cause you know, I'm a person who is easily hype-up. As I was scrolling down this person's profile, I'v been hooked. Beautiuful pictures. And stunning graphic. I clicked follow though. Without having any sense of follow back or atleast, a picture liked from this person, he actually commented on one of my videos. Well, I've posted a lot of videos, but this particular video was like a 18sx kinda dirty standard for kids. Whatever. So, he commented on my half-naked video. I didn't talk. I was only a song played in the back. I was holding my phone, holding it at the perfect angle that my body seemed arousing to the naked eye of humans. Lol.

I have been experiencing nights full of sweet thoughts, showers filled with bubbles, meals with the aftermath of pointing tummy, and many exotic things too.Too much actually, too much. He clicked my feeling though. I can't tell how much I adore this small cute guy. So, aku akan sambung yang lain in the entry okay? So far, this is the latest update. See you in the next update :) 

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