Ahad, 25 September 2016

I May Not Come Back After This.

I know times get rough for me. Even now, it gets rougher from time to time. Hey guys, my name is Zack Zuandyy Abdul Latif. I'm 22 years old and soon will be 23 on November 6th. I love my blog and I love it so much. As it appears, I haven't updated anything at all. A proper subject or the usual share that I always open to tell everyone. I have some problems and there are now obstacles and it is due to some of the unending and unavoided circumstances that have delayed my interest in sharing my life with you all. Now, all I can feel is loneliness. That is all I can feel. Nights pass by and as it goes, I would lay in bed every night, with a book sits untouched right by my side and all I can feel and hope is to cry. Another cry and another cry. It is so hurtful and yet intimidating for me to have become this invalid. To be gone in my own longing. The longing in which I always cringe everytime I think about a hug from my mum or a kiss from my dad. A kiss that is so warm I can still feel on my face. Kisses which for me too, have kept me so seemless. After my foster parent died, all is left for me is hope. A leap of faith too. They were all I had in this world. My foster mum, Allahyarhamah Maimunah binti Othman and my foster dad, Allahyarham Abdul Latif bin Ibrahim Adham. These two folks were to me, the happiness and the sadness I could get from. Why was everything had to change? They didn't have to go. They did not have to leave me alone in this cruel and lonely world that I live in now!!!!!! Mama and Babah have always told to be patient. Generally speaking, it is the only thing that will make us believe in anything we have. In anything that seems right. Even the bad thing that has happened in my life, I can still hear them telling me everyday after I wake up from my sleep, or before I step out of the house to go to work, or even when we are all watching the tv together, "Be patient. It makes you stronger. You'll win" And that is all I can think about everyday. 

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